Beinecke Manuscript Cataloging Manual

Cataloging manual maintained by the Beinecke Manuscript Unit. The manual is designed as a supplement to the Yale University Library Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines.

Beinecke Rare Book Cataloging Manual

The Rare Book Cataloging Manual codifies policies and standards for cataloging the printed materials held by the Beinecke Library. The present manual represents a stable, but not unchanging, point in online documentation. The manual documents Beinecke-specific cataloging practices and points to the national standards for descriptive cataloging and access. These national standards are constantly evolving and are not included in this document.

Beinecke Manuscript Processing Manual

The Archival Processing Manual for the Manuscript Unit of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library records policies and procedures for processing manuscript collections at Beinecke and thereby serves as a training guide for new staff as well as an ongoing resource for all staff. It has been developed by Manuscript Unit archivists in accordance with national standards and reflects how these standards inform local practice.